Call for abstracts: special issue- extended deadline 31.1.

Submit your paper: “Special Issue of Journal of Administrative Studies” (Hallinnon Tutkimus -lehti/jufo 2)

Topic of Special Issue is: “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in contemporary society”

Editor-in Chief: Mika Laakkonen

A transdisciplinary approach/perspective of AI in the context of administration, business, organisation and public management is welcome.

Extended deadline: Submit your abstract (max 300 words plus references) by January 31st, 2021.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be notified by 5 th February. Full articles due 30th April.

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Aims and scope: Artificial intelligence is entwined in our contemporary society. Special Issue of Journal of Administrative Studies 2021 titled “Artificial Intelligence (AI) in contemporary society” focuses on the conjunction of artificial intelligence in our contemporary society. The special issue endeavoursto unfold the hidden layers of AI, and underscore itsinfluence to our society. Unique to the special issue is a holistic and transdisciplinary approach especially in the context of administration, business, organisation and public management.

Artificial intelligence and society are multidimensional concepts. The aim is to investigate “artificial intelligence” from the boundaries of decisions, optimisation and predictions power in our society. The concept of “contemporary” in the topic of this special issue constrains the time perspective to the present time, and the novel questions and subject issues of “society”, are framed and devoted to administration, business, organisation and public management science community. These fields are currently under the influenced and transformation process within AI.

The special issue shall publish peer-reviewed, high quality research papers (jufo-2). We welcome research papers from the perspective of public administration and management organisation and business which can contribute novel theoretical or practical discourse and positioning administrative studies in the suitable context and framework of AI. Articles to be published should provide a theoretical understanding of the topic, based on the recent and relevant literature, highlight directions for future research and open questions. Purely empirical contributions will not be considered.

Topics covered include but are not limited to following:

  • artificial intelligence as part of decision making in public administration
  • artificial intelligence in public sector and public service production
  • public policy and legislation of artificial intelligence
  • change of work with intelligence machines
  • organisational transformation on the back of artificial intelligence
  • artificial intelligence within business strategy alignment
  • the impact and significance of emerging artificial intelligence in business
  • artificial intelligence as enabling technology of ethics and trust
  • global issues and cross-cultural issues of artificial intelligence.

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